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Thoughtful cuisine
Vegetarian Café
in the middle of Perm
Lemon Tree
We cook tasty, healthy, diversified food without meat and fish. Day by day.
It is easy: honest formula, well-balanced food products of high quality, the standing team of the professional cooks, attentive attitude to every meal we cook, and our wish to share our discoveries in the kitchen. It works! After breakfast, lunch, or dinner in Lemon Tree, our guests feel fullness and lightness at the same time; they save time and try new things; they enjoy unfamiliar flavours and discover favourite combinations of foods. Diet style directly affects the way of thinking, and vice versa!

We care for the special requirements of our guests: in our menu, you can always find lactose-, gluten-, and sugar-free dishes. If you are allergic to some food product or have other special requirements, please, warn your waiter beforehand. In any situation, we find a combination of ingredients that makes the dish nutritious and gives extra vitality to our guests.
Sweet lovers are also in for a treat. Enjoy wonderful fresh dessert cooked in our own confectionary and served with a cup of accurately made coffee or tea. Drinks are the responsibility of our chef-barista, and their choice is so vast that you will always find something to correspond with your mood. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cacao, kombucha, herbal tea, smoothies, cocktails, juices – just decide what you would like right now.

Besides thoroughly thought through the menu, Lemon Tree café attracts people with its exceptional atmosphere. Spaces with big windows and interior in warm colours feel cozy at every season. Waiters smile and interact on the first-name basis with the permanent guests. It is comfortable and heartfelt here: both if you share the company of friends or come alone; for a meal as well as for communication.
There are no accidental dishes in our menu. Full simple meals rich in taste; desserts of our own making; about 15 options for breakfast that we can cook for you at any time of the day, and around 100 drinks based on custom recipes!
Lemon Tree is a cafe that belongs to the group of companies Cup by Cup. The café has an amazing team of well-disposed, sociable, talented, and very hospitable people. If you feel the urge to join such a team, please, write to us!
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About production
Lemon Tree is not only a café; it is also several production workshops! Our team of pastry men and cooks is distinguished by creativity in recipes and draw to solely natural products. We manually cook all desserts and pastry from thoroughly picked ingredients and we serve them only fresh. Cakes, patisserie, muffins, pies, quiches, croissants, candies, vegan ice cream – you can try them all also in the coffeeshop network Cup by Cup and in tearoom Gribushin. For mentioned partners, we also cook super food bowls "Green" and "With falafel". In special containers, we mix a perfectly balanced number of plant products to have a bite to eat in a fast, tasty, and healthy way.

One more drink deserves a separate tasting – our signature kombucha.
Work schedule:
Monday-Friday 8 am — 11 pm
Saturday-Sunday 9 am — 11 pm